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    Development history

    Development history

    • April 2019

      Anhui Jiujiu Huali New Energy Technology Co., LTD was established with a registered capital of 32 million $.

    • May 2019

      Acquired Hubei Fujin and Fute to establish a complete production line of core making - low casting -T6 heat treatment line - shot blasting -CNC machines.

    • July 2019

      Added 2 gravity casting machines.

    • November 2019

               Add two large 2* 1.5m low pressure casting machines.

    • January 2020

            Establishment of friction stir weld-welding workshop.

    • May 2020

      Establish CNC machine workshop.

    • March 2021

         Established scientific research and technology partnership with Hefei University of Technology.

    • April 2022

      Anhui Alu-Tec Established.